Kent State Memorial Service and March
May 5, 1970

In preparing to donate in digital form many of the photographs I took as a student I came upon 62 images, which I thought told a unique story. These were photos relating to the Kent State Memorial and March held by the students of Western Maryland College on May 5, 1970.

The attached PDF files include a short paper I wrote with the help of a number of other individuals that were also present that day, my 62 photographs, photographs by Richard Anderson ’71 and related attachments relative to the story.

Sunset, Western Maryland College, Westminster, MD
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A War for All Ages: Memory and Dissent in Carroll County

by Jen Thompson

This is an excellent paper written by Jen Tompson for her senior colloquium. It covers the views of both the students of Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) and surrounding Carroll County during the Vietnam War Era, particularly relative to Kent State and the events surrounding that tragic event.

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