The Front Door

Construction of Fort Pulaski started less than 200 years ago (1829), and it is amazing that drawbridges and moats with thick masonry walls were still the state of the art defenses as they had been in castles during the Middle Ages.

There is so much to see and photograph. There is the moat, water is always an interesting subject and there are possibilities of reflections. The drawbridge and related mechanical parts with chains and the portcullis (wooden grill you walk under). The heavy doors at both ends of the tunnel which makes up the sally port. And always the masonry, it is here that one gets there first exposure to the wonderful brick arches that make so much of fort structure.

I have only included two pictures here, although I may add some later. This is however lesson one in photographing the fort. As you walk through a place, turn around often and observe it from different angles, there is so much to see and so many perspectives to consider in what often initially appears to be a simple structure. How many variations in the masonry patterns can you count as you walk just through these few feet. There is stone work and brink work with arches, alcoves, gun slits, and other details that the masons had to create. And also the woodwork, the massive doors with their unique construction. So many things just walking through the front door.

The Front Door
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