Photographing Fort Pulaski

I have through the years visited Fort Pulaski on probably well over a dozen occasions and each time I see something different. As a child the moat, draw bridges, sally port, dark chambers in the bastions, the guns and the huge scale of it all were like visiting another world and time. Later as a student of history I saw a finely restored example of the Third System of coastal fortifications which historically is where massive brick fortifications became obsolete when laid siege to by what was then modern artillery. Finally as a photographer, I also saw this magnificent structure as a finely crafted piece of architectural art incorporating twenty five million bricks into a beautiful geometric design.

On my most recent visit there was a group of students who were busily taking pictures for a photo assignment. I briefly visited with a couple of them and noticed that they were at times watching me to see what I was photographing. So, what was I photographing, what was I doing? I was just plain having fun experiencing the place again through the act of taking pictures, recording what I saw and felt through photography. This is what I would like to share with you.

And no camera is required, for while most think of photography today as a digital media or perhaps still as dealing with film, photography to me can also be where one takes mental images away with them. It all has to do with focusing, observing more and taking the time to allow yourself to visually enjoy what you are experiencing.

By the way, the photo above is a wide angle panoramic that gives the illusion of the wall of the fort curving. This is just for effect and the wall is straight.

The Front Door
Casements and Arches
And Bastions
The Guns
The Second Story
The Parade Ground
In The Details
A Walk Around
The Park
Other Forts
And A Lighthouse
More Coastal Fort and Fortress Photographs
Park Photo Notes